Easy DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Easy DIY Coffee Scrub

When I walk though the drugstore beauty aisle, I can’t help wishing there were a map directing me to the exact products I need for my ideal beauty results. “HERE!” it would read, above a thick, red arrow pointing to my perfect shampoo/conditioner combo. Alas, such a map doesn’t exist. So, last month, after years of feeling frustrated by the unfulfilled promises of beauty marketing, I decided to make many of the products I would normally buy in stores.

Rather than leaving your skin and hair health to a manufacturer unfamiliar with your specific needs, d.i.y beauty recipes allow you to tailor your products—choosing which ingredients to include or exclude, modifying and adjusting as needed.

This week, we’re sharing a simple body scrub recipe, adapted from Homemade Beauty.


You will need:
½ cup coffee grounds (used are fine)
¼ cup olive oil
2 tablespoons sugar

Mix all three, adding and subtracting ingredients as you see fit, store in a container for a few days.

You can substitute ingredients, but for an effective scrub you will typically need 1-2 exfoliants, an oil (olive, coconut, almond…), and a fragrance (optional). For scrubs, I prefer coffee grounds as an exfoliant base over sugar because of the texture and antioxidant properties. For a coarser texture, try grinding the coffee beans yourself. Happy scrubbing!




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