10 Cool Photo Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Chicago wedding couple

Months of planning, stressing and anticipating your big day… and more than likely, that day is going to be a total blur. This is why having great photographs documenting the day is so important.  You need to capture the important moments, as well as all the little moments in between. Keep in mind all the little details you worked so hard to plan and execute. Here is a quick list of some unique photo must-haves…

A sweet moment between bride and groom…


A cool shot of the rings.


A photo of the dress and bouquet are a must.


Be sure to get a wide shot of the wedding site.  You may not have a heart-shaped lawn like this, but the vantage point is cool.


Don’t forget the groomsmen!  Details you don’t want to miss!


Get artsy shots of your food and drinks.


And when it comes time for the wedding party picture, think about how you want it to look.  Organize by color…


Or something a little more informal…


You gotta get some dance pics!


And finally, get a stylish and romantic shot like this one of my friends Heather & Jason (congrats guys!  xoxo)


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