And the Beatnik Goes On

Beatnik Cat

Shaggy beards, tight jeans, newsboy hats… Are hipsters really a thing of the 2000’s or just a reinvention of the Beatnik? Speaking more to the stereotype of a deliberately disheveled artist-type, both groups are perhaps looking to tell a deeper story through their serious glasses, goatees, and apathetic grins. The hipster’s nostalgic predilection for the wavy sound of vinyl records and old relics like typewriters and single-gear bicycles, may be a link to his politically wary beatnik cousin (or father, as it were). Whether through literature, occupy movements, or acoustic jam sessions, both the hipster, the beatnik, and their wardrobes suggest a search to protect the disenfranchised and find beauty in the mundane through rose-colored Ray Bans.

Contestants for the title of Miss Beatnik of 1959

1957 Beatniks

Circa 1965 Cher, Sonny, Bob Dylan

Young Beaniks in London, 1960s (By Harold Chapman)

Singer, Judy Henske (Aka “Queen of the Beatniks”)

Che Guevara
Wait, what’s Che Guevara doing here? He’s a revolutionary socialist with shaggy hair and berets. He counts.

Jack Karouac

Allen Ginsberg

Michelle Phillips
Michelle Phillips

Karouac, Ginsberg, and their buds

William Burroughs and Madonna
William Burroughs and Madonna

Edie Sedwick
Edie Sedgwick

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot

Anthony Quinn and Anna Karina
Anthony Quinn and Anna Karina

Beatnik Fashion

Boatneck Sweater from

Modcloth Hat

Mod Cloth Hat

Ray Ban's Original Red Wayfarer Sunglasses
Ray Ban’s Original Red Wayfarer Sunglasses

Frye Jillian Oxfords in Purple

Frye Jillian Oxfords in Purple

Old Navy Striped Boatneck
Old Navy Striped Boatneck (There are so many in this post, I had to include it in the shopping list)

Tissot T-Pocket Watch
Tissot T-Pocket Watch

Mad Men Image from Pinterest

Beatnik Cat from Pinterest

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2 thoughts on “And the Beatnik Goes On

  1. Jacob says:

    It seems like the beatnick fashion/lifesyle connection has always been pretty direct – I feel like it’s even a word bandied about in the writing of that day. Certainly it seems like the art and ideas and fashion of the time is emulated by a younger set that is quickly becoming more ‘adult’ and hence strengthens that tie from the proto-hipster beatnick to the mature but stylish mad men.

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