An Etsy Love Fest

Gentlemen Octopus

More gift ideas!  Here are the Catherine Nicole items that people are liking on Etsy, as well as items from other sellers that we love.
Jacqueline Locket

Froggy81’s favorite item is the Jacqueline Locket

Pearl Branch Earrings

Roxanne’s favorite item is our Vintage Branch Pearl Earrings


Vintage Elephant Brooch

Lucy Sparke’s favorite item is our Vintage Gold Elephant Brooch

Vintage Rose Earrings

Tcrux’s favorite item is our Vintage Rose Earrings

And now for some of our Etsy favorites!

Gentlemen Octopus

Gentlemen Octopus by CocodeParis

Grass Wall Decals
Grass Wall Decals by JaneyMacWalls

Tree of Life
Tree of Life Journal by LeatherDruid

Gold Tray

Gold Zag Tray by upintheairsomewhere 


Rustic Chalkboard
Rustic Oversized Chalkboard by homegrain

Red and Cornstalk Screen Printed Pillow
Red and Cornstalk Screen Printed Pillow by barkdecor

Tree Print Wall Art
Tree Wall Art by cozyblue

Cuddly Faux Fur Nest
Cuddly Faux Fur Nest by LeightonHeritage.  Photo credit Living Dreams Photography

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